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Lake Lowell at sunset - 03477.jpg
Another angle of a breathtaking sunset over Lake Lowell.

Sunset over a lake - 02345.jpg
A beautiful image of a sunset over Lake Lowell.

Lake Lowell boat regatta 1959 - 03475.jpg
Above is an image of the 1959 Lake Lowell Boat Regatta, which takes place every year during the summer months.

Riverside Community - 02196.jpg
An image of the Riverside Community; many young men who came with from from the CCC chose to stay in Idaho--at the camp shown above--after their project was done.

Lake Lowell, flume - 02182.jpg
An image of a wooden flume located at Lake Lowell.

Deer Flat Reservoir, making a trap - 02206 (1).jpg
An image of workers making a trap at Deer Flat Reservoir. Workers were a part of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), which was established during the Great Depression to supply jobs.

Canadian Goose Nest - 03485.jpg
An image of a Canadian Goose nest; there are two geese in the image.

Baldpate Duck- 03486.jpg
An image of a Baldpate Duck in a body of water.

Map of Lake Lowell - 02002.jpg
A map of Lake Lowell as well as Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge.

Caldwell's first band, Coronet band - 02145 (1).jpg
An image of Caldwell's first band--who played at the Lake Lowell Pavilion. The bands name is the Coronet Band.

Oct. 1917, advertisement on Red Cross benefit at Lake Lowell Pavilion - 03396.jpg
An image of the October 1917's Caldwell newspaper that has the advertisement on the Red Cross benefit at the Lake Lowell Pavilion.

Lake Lowell - 02004.jpg
An image of Lake Lowell with a group of men on a boat (the boats name is "The Doris" and it would take patrons on sightseeing tours of the lake). The text at the bottom of the image reads "No. 9 Lake Lowell, Near Caldwell, Idaho."

Idaho black bears, mother bear and cubs - 03491.jpg
An image of three Idaho black bears: a mother bear and two cubs.

Charley Sebree - 03471.jpg
An image of a young Charles (Charley" Sebree who build Lake Lowell Pavilion in 1913.

Walter Sebree - 03470.jpg
An image of a young Walter Sebree; he took over the Caldwell Traction Company.

Lake Lowell, lower embankment - 02194.jpg
An image of Lake Lowell's (Deer Flat Reservoir's) lower embankment. This was a popular summer vacation spot for families.

Lucky Peak Dam - 02011.jpg
An image of Lucky Peak Reservoir which was finished in 1955; water is from the Boise River.

Arrowrock Dam - 01951.jpg
An image of the Arrowrock Dam built from 1911-1915; The water is from the Boise River.

AnyConv.com__Lake Lowell, people on a headgate - 02320 (1).jpg
An image of numerous people on Lake Lowell's headgate.

AnyConv.com__1908, Lake Lowell, lower embankment - 02164 (1).jpg
A 1908 image of Lake Lowell's lower embankment's headgate. Note the people standing on top of it.
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