Romance of Water Part I

Caldwell Public Library's "Voices of the Past" series continues with its "The Romance of Water" slideshow. Created in the fall of 1977 by the Oral History Committee, this presentation is broken into three parts and follows Idaho's water journey through a little over a hundred year period.

This exhibit is part one of Idaho's water tale and centers around ca. 1800s Idahoan life and nature--specifically the Boise River--before the crowing glory of the Caldwell area, Lake Lowell, was built. To accurately showcase Idaho's early history, the exhibit is comprised of various images of maps, paintings, people, scenery, irrigation, buildings, canals, animals, machinery, and much more.

Click the links on the right hand side of the screen, as well as within the subheadings, to follow along as the state's greatest resource comes of age. 

See "The Romance of Water" parts 2 and 3 to continue the story.

Please Note: This is an in-progress exhibit. Some photos may be missing from the collection, as indicated by a clipart magnifying glass. Additionally, the digital exhibit has been re-created as close to the original source material as possible, but some images and descriptions have been altered. The titles seen on the right hand side of the screen were created based on textual content to enhance navigation but are not a featured part of the 1977 slideshow.

Creators of Original Slide Show

Oral History Committee of Caldwell Public Library, 1977:

Alice Dunlap, Coordinator  Fred Houston, Narrator 
Lorene Thurston, Script Writer Jeannette Rice, Script Writer
Dave Dorsey, Photographer Jennie Cornell, Researcher
Hilda McKnight, Member Cathy Muller, Member
Dave Oellien, Member Gwen Spuregous, Member
Lila Wiltch, Member  

Caldwell Public Library's Digital History Archivists

 Marina Rose** Peter Contos, summer 2021 
Shayla Manwill, summer 2022  Shelly Garland**

**this work is in addition to their other positions within the library

Exhibit was created during July 2022

Boise+River+(maybe)+near+Sawtooth+Mountains%2C+Idaho.JPG            Boise River Near Sawtooth Mountains